Top 5 Real Estate Jobs

Real estate jobs are a sought-after career nowadays. There are over 5million people who are working under various categories of real estate in The United States. Many real estate jobs require a certification or particular degree and licensing such as real estate license.

These jobs are of many kinds, and you can choose yours from a wide variety of departments like loan funding, leasing, property management etc. We will be taking you through few of the best real estate jobs available in the market, their job description and the expected salary.

1. Appraiser

A real estate appraiser evaluates the value of a property for purchase, investment, sale, lease, loan or mortgage purposes. They also look into the market trends and estimate property values after considering factors like depreciation, comparison of similar properties etc.

An appraiser analyzes and evaluates a property to determine its worth, check the construction and general condition of it. It is also their responsibility to write reports and estimate values as well as detail how they arrived at the estimated value. The salary depends on the kind of appraiser job you choose. There are 2 kinds.

Commercial: The median salary per annum for an appraiser who works in the commercial sector is $94,104. However, the salary ranges between $107,954 and $80,943.

Resident: The median annual salary for an appraiser who works in the residential sector is $50,706 which usually ranges between $41,795 and $58,572.

2. Commercial Leasing Manager

A commercial leasing manager’s main responsibility is to manage the day to day operations of leasing activities. They must adhere to all the standards and policies of an organization. Their main function is to negotiate lease transactions and complete all necessary paperwork.

They also provide an excellent customer service to the organization they represent. They must possess excellent managing skills. The average annual salary of a commercial leasing manager is $105,330. The salary usually ranges between $79,423 and $146,674.

3. Land Administration Manager

A land administration manager manages all the documents relating to land agreements and contracts. This job requires a bachelor’s degree since they serve as an interpreter to both the land department and the customers. They must be completely knowledgeable about all the records, documents related to a land agreement.

They also need to possess excellent managerial skills. This job typically needs experience as an individual contributor. The median salary per annum is $70,111 with the salary fluctuating anywhere between $59,348 and $92,049.

4. Real Estate Attorney

This job obviously needs you to attend a law school. A real estate attorney deals with day-to-day transactions starting with reviewing documents to managing disputes. It is their responsibility to review and make agreements and documents pertaining to a land.

They provide legal guidance to individuals or organizations that are purchasing or selling or leasing a property. The average salary per annum of a real estate attorney is $136,204. However, their standard salary range is between $118,764 to $150,966.

5. Property Manager

Surveying rental rates in the surrounding, calculating depreciation, tax, and costs such as overhead costs are few of the many responsibilities assigned to a property manager. However, they must ensure to advertise the vacancies, find potential tenants and take them through all the pros and highlights of the location.

They also need to prepare an annual budget for and collect rents and pay bills on behalf of the organization. They look after and manage the property completely. The median salary per annum of a property manager is $91,701 and the standard salary ranges between $79,618 to $105,511. Visit our homepage to find a real estate agent.